Hotel trends focused on the business client

As a continuation of last Thursday’s post in which we made an x-ray of the different customer segments and the most used technological solutions for each of them, this week we wanted to analyze the new consumption habits of the guest in business trip, what their needs are and what trends in corporate travel are glimpsed in the short term.

Hotel trends focused on the business client

Professional travel forms a very attractive market for urban hotels. It is a repetitive segment that contributes to mitigate the seasonality of the hotel business, so it is worth analyzing their customs and needs to be able to offer a satisfactory service.

The MICE sector has suffered several years of frozen growth due to the company cuts that brought the crisis. But it seems that the economic optimism of the last year has also affected the travel managers of large and medium-sized companies and that there are already signs of recovery. While it is true that, predictably, it will not be the segment that can afford a higher price increase, the income from additional services ( ancillaries ) opens up a good opportunity to improve the hotel’s revenue . Review and renew the offer addressed to this target is essential to achieve this goal.

This is what large hotel chains are already doing, through their loyalty programs. The personalization of the services offered to the client is a very valuable resource and the mobile technology offers very effective and profitable functionalities.

A trend worthy of being analyzed and considered by hoteliers is the bleisure , which basically consists of combining leisure and business in the same getaway, which can translate into extended days of stay at the weekend, greater profitability per room and in the demand for more varied services.


To date, travel agencies and intermediaries have made life easier for companies, but as hotel groups have been automating their processes and incorporating technological solutions that allow greater flexibility and customization of the offer and treatment offered to the business customer, the intermediaries have been seeing how their added value is reduced. Mobile and instant messaging and bot chats are accustoming the traveler to an almost immediate response to their inquiries and budget requests. These are features that, well integrated into hotel websites or through hotel apps , help to earn direct bookings.

The next step to the reservation is the guest’s registration. The hotels that, for example, are already working with the hotel app developed by HotelManager, state that the business customer is very grateful for the possibility of being able to identify the traveler and check in early, from a mobile phone and in less than two minutes.

Other technological solutions that contribute to improve the experience of the guest in business trips have to do with the means of mobile and contactless payments , as well as with the integration of payment platforms that automate and centralize the reservation, payment, consultation and settlement processes of expenses (hotel and non-hotel) and generation of invoices.

Extension of services

Regarding the services that will be demanded by business clients, there are classics such as the laundry service or the transport to the airport that continue to be demanded. Business stays extended to leisure – the bleisure of which we spoke before – expand the possibilities of spa and wellness services, as the traveler uses the end of the workday to recharge batteries before returning to routine. By having more free time during the trip, you will also want to go to a good restaurant, attend a show, see a museum, or go shopping, and this is where the role of the virtual concierge or the personalized recommendation function of visits comes in. leisure and culture of the accommodation app.

Facilities and equipment

As for the equipment expected by the new business traveler in a hotel, the most important thing is to be able to offer a good Wi-Fi connection at no additional cost, both in rooms and common spaces. These should be welcoming and versatile, in line with the latest trends in work spaces, clear and ready to have a coffee, work with the laptop and be able to connect without problems the different electronic devices or hold a meeting with a client if it occurs the case.