How will we reserve a hotel in the future?

Robotization of hotel staff, home automation, Big Data, process automation and digitalization …. The experts’ predictions about the hotels of the future also include news about the way hotel reservations will be made, a subject on which we have focused this post so that hoteliers and professionals in the sector take note and assess the incorporation of the necessary technology.

Self-management of the reserve

reservas hotel

The role of traditional travel agencies in terms of what hotel reservations are concerned will have to be rethought if they want to continue developing this activity. The client no longer uses physical intermediaries to reserve their accommodation, since the entire process can be done at the click of a button.

This implies that hotels will have to modernize the booking engine of their websites, optimize online shopping funnel , expand their network of online distribution channels, manage them efficiently, automate processes or include chatbots, among other measures, to respond to the requirement of immediacy of response, which is essential to avoid losing customers on the Internet.

Hyperpersonalization of the offer

The self-management of the trip by the guest poses another challenge: the personalization of the service. The correct exploitation of the data that the client is contributing from the moment he makes the first searches will facilitate the elaboration of personalized proposals not only in terms of room to reservations, but also in terms of the complementary offer as they are already doing from Smartvel .

Multi-channel strategy

A good hotel distribution plan should include multichannel strategies focused on direct sales, which also include actions on social networks , SEO, SEM, emailing campaigns, etc. that cover the entire booking cycle, before and during the time of contracting.

Everything from the mobile

As we have mentioned in previous posts, hotel reservations made from mobile devices continue with a rate of unstoppable progressive growth and it is foreseeable that this trend will not change in the future.

The optimization of the hotel’s direct booking system will therefore be essential as a first step. Also the bet by mobile applications and technological solutions of support that allow the identification of the guest via mobile, the express check-in , the opening of doors, the capture and management of customer satisfaction information and other loyalty actions, such as They can be personalized attention or sending offers and rewards through instant messaging.

Technological innovation applied to the hotel reservation

Even in the experimental period, there are already known cases of success in the use of new technologies such as virtual reality as a claim for the client. The images and videos 360 · will give way to new formulas that allow the traveler to know in advance the experience that awaits him in destination. We are talking about seeing, moving, hearing and even smelling what happens in the hotel facilities and surroundings before making the reservation. Total previous immersion.

In short, it is about taking advantage of the technology and the huge amount of data provided by the traveler who book online to offer a competitive and profitable service for the hotel and unforgettable for the guest.