Online Reputation Software for Hotels

Hotelmanager launches its new Online Reputation software for Hotels.

More than a dozen hotels start working with the new online reputation software.

If you want to know what your clients think about your hotel and also want to talk with them to improve your product and convert clients into specifiers …

Do not wait any longer, we are at your disposal

Hotelmanager and the Online Reputation

If we ask all the clients of our hotel upon arrival, how did you get to know our hotel? We will discover that 90% of the clients in their booking process and hotel information, visited the comments that other customers left our hotel on different websites.

The Online Reputation of our hotel on the Internet is the mouth that worked and continues to work on a daily basis and which we have always said is the slowest and safest advertising, but now with the Internet the change occurs in the immediacy that they have all the users in knowing what other customers think of us.

Therefore, we must have a Strategy, which should start by monetizing all the comments that exist in our hotel on the Internet and especially in all online portals in which we market our product. Portals such as Tripadvisor, Trivago,, Expedia, Venere, HRS, Google +, etc … are the sites where our clients and potential clients seek information about our hotel.

The new Hotelmanager Software monetizes all the comments of your clients in all these portals and many more and presents them in its tool so you can detect the opportunities and threats that your hotel presents and that customers spread, and you can also monetize the opinions that your competitor hotels receive, and in this way develop a Strategy appropriate to your product and your destination.

With the right strategy you can focus your product to your client, discover new market niches, improve the opinions that your customers have of your hotel to improve the positioning in front of your competition and get improve your occupation percentage and average price. Hotelmanager offers you tool and consultancy to develop the right strategy so that in this way you can achieve clear objectives in just a few months, and all for less than the price of a hotel room.