Smarthotel: what is it and what do I need to transform my hotel

The hotel world is changing. Every day you can see how new technologies and social networks are changing the rules not only of their communication, but also of their own structure. Precisely this is the underlying idea that underlies the concept of the smarthotel, spaces in which new technologies have been integrated not only to facilitate its operation but also to achieve a better result by customers.

What is Smarthotel


The main slogan or idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis type of space is to automate all possible functions, so that any hotel procedure can be resolved quickly, causing customers to lose less time and services or hotel procedures are not a burden for this .

An app for a hotel seems, in general terms, the most immediate medium. This device is simply used to carry out a large part of the activities or requirements of the hotel. An example is checking on arrival or leaving the building, as well as other orders or activities. This, obviously, could occur through an application.

What do you get with this? Well, mainly, a much more personalized service and greater satisfaction on the part of hotel users. This type of improvements what they allow is the anticipation, not so much the forecast. The difficulty is no longer preparing for what the client may ask for. Now you have to know how to anticipate your wishes and your requests. Offer the customer’s favorite drink before he asks for it. This requires a knowledge of their tastes and their data.

That is, Big Data is something that has to be present, since anticipation is based, precisely, on the adequate knowledge of different data of interest about users and their behaviors.

Mechanisms for the hotel sector

There are different mechanisms or means to achieve this progress, or also that they are already being used. An example is the smart rooms, the domotica of the hotel. Here again, an automation system is perceived, based on which different points or elements of the room are connected to a network and at the same time to the client. Control what is in the bar furniture or the time you expect to wake up. These are just some examples of what a smart room is and how it integrates with the tenant you have. The way to get it is with sensors and connectivity. In turn, the IoT platform would be used to send all the information collected to the general system.

This also responds to a change in the type of people who go to a hotel. The tourist has changed, and it is a reality that we can begin to assume. Expect more connectivity and also a more personal and unique treatment. Therefore, technology and hotel must go hand in hand, so that visitors are comfortable and discover an option to interact in a real way with the space in which they are.

The line that has to be behind this type of measure is that of improvement. It seeks to automate the processes so that they work in a faster and more efficient way, apart from controlling the information in a more precise and accurate way. And, on the other hand, the benefits revert directly to the user, who feels his stay at the hotel as less rigid and much more open to possibilities, changes and comforts.

The evolution of new hotel management systems oncloud, will determine the integration of all systems to achieve the efficiency of the hotel staff in the relationship with the customer … Bigdata, machine learning and PMS should go hand in hand in the next decade.

 Are you preparing your hotel, for the demands of the market in the coming years?