The strategy of distribution of tourist hotels and apartments to debate – Room 61

The digital distribution strategy is one of the biggest challenges faced by tourist accommodation today. On the other hand, there are particularities that differentiate the digital distribution among hotels, hostels or tourist apartments.

The steps taken by a user to decide the destination to which he will travel and the services he will hire will be extended in time up to 90 days and consult on average about 35 specialized websites . This scenario implies that tourism companies and destinations must expand their vision of digital distribution towards a product strategy that includes all the phases through which the user passes to the purchase decision.

We live in a market where you no longer compete only for the quality of the services, but also for the quality of the experience when buying and consuming them.

Seminar on enhancing the direct booking of hotels and tourist apartments

One more year we collaborated with the Chamber of Commerce of Malaga to organize a day to discuss this and other issues that have to do with the process of choosing and managing channels for tourist accommodation.

Next May 10, Sextaplanta and Chamber of Commerce of Malaga organized a seminar to discuss the integration of the dominant channels of the distribution of tourist accommodation with the direct channel.

The seminar will be given by the managing partner of Sextaplanta, Javier Ortiz and the strengths of the seminar will revolve around the distribution channels that provide the most value according to the type of accommodation. We will talk openly about how to take advantage of the visibility gained in the OTAs or discuss how to strengthen the direct channel and the funnel of the reserve.

The seminar will be held at the headquarters of the Chamber of Malaga at Calle Cortina del Muelle, No. 23, on May 10, from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

  • For registrations access the website of the Chamber of Malaga